ImportOmatic v3.3.1.2 - *Updated 1/30/17 for a few quick fixes*

The new year is the perfect time to drop bad habits and gain great new ones. ImportOmatic has gotten in the spirit with a long list of resolutions, too!

In this update, you'll see we've made tweaks throughout the IOM that will make everything a little easier--from profile building to troubleshooting. 

If you're using the Export module of ImportOmatic, you'll love this - you can now open your RE Query or SQL Query to change the parameters prior to exporting, without having to open the profile or the RE Query module. For example, at the point of exporting, you can quickly update to new dates of which offline gifts to pull! 

We've continued the process of making ImportOmatic's labels and notifications more informative and easier to understand. We've also made the default appearance smarter and more responsive to your preferences. As always, we included many little bug fixes and performance improvements along the way too. Make sure to check out the full list of updates below, or on the What's New page of the user guide. 

If you haven't done so yet, why not give MergeOmatic or ScoreOmatic a try soon, too? You get 30 days free for each, and they're right there in ImportOmatic! There's nothing extra to install, and there's no automatic billing at the end of the trial to be wary of.



Are you ready to install the latest update to ImportOmatic? Click this link to download it today, and you can review update instructions in the user guide.  If you're using Raiser's Edge within the Blackbaud Hosting environment, hang tight--your upgrade will be taken care of soon!


Version - January 30, 2017


Fixed issue when removing attributes that required all fields to match
Fixed dictionary creation issue that caused errors during import
Fixed issue where code tester was not displaying results correctly



Version - January 18, 2017


Fixed issue where dictionaries with regular expressions weren't processing in the correct order

Error and exception file path is now blank as default

Error message will now display when launching IOM if there is an issue with a dictionary

Special characters in profile name will be stripped off when creating exception files


Virtual Field and New Preferred Address nodes are now expanded by default

Added option to calculate receipt amount of gifts

Copied profiles will be added to the top of the list of profiles

Query category in Output - Queries will be enabled after selecting a query type

User will be redirected to New Preferred Address screen if trying to save the profile without setting the address type on the previous address

Fixed issue where a new export profile wasn't able to be opened immediately after creating it

Export profiles will no longer save when a copy field function does not have a seed applied

Confirmation window asking if the user would like to save changes will no longer show when selecting to Save and Close in export profiles

Fixed issue where the List Management checkbox was being cleared in export profiles when selecting a source query


Duplicate Search Results screen will stay maximized

Updated UI in Side by Side Comparison screen

Improved processing speed and memory issue in Duplicate Search Results screen

Importing with an auto-pick exclusion query that has been deleted from RE will now throw an error

Fixed issue where an error was thrown when mapping participants as non-constituents and matching to an existing full constituent

Fixed issue where non-constituent participants were being promoted to full constituents when updating during import

Fixed issue where importing a soft credit constituent ID for a relationship that is already marked as a soft-credit recipient was giving an error

The email address for the non-constituent spouse will now be displayed properly in the Duplicate Search Results screen when importing as the Constituent

Fixed issue where rows without bank information was causing an error when bank fields are mapped

Importing gifts to batch using a gift default set that includes an attribute date will no longer throw an error

List Management

Fixed issue where values starting with a comma, such as suffix, was causing the export file to be misaligned

Resolved error when applying a task set via the right click menu

Added an error message box when trying to add records to ResearchPoint, but the record can't be added


Added ability to refresh RE Query and SQL sources at the point of export

RE Query source now follows the sort order set in the query

Fixed issue where export would freeze when including non-constituent records but did not have a List Management license

Updated SQL source to update the modified start date correctly

Fixed issue where data file source with .CSV was not creating exception files correctly



Fixed issue where export process was hanging while using -v parameter