ImportOmatic - Now including FindOmatic! (Update 3/22/17 version

Once again, we've got great updates coming your way for ImportOmatic! The biggest change you'll see in version is that we've added FindOmatic to ImportOmatic...for free! It installs with ImportOmatic, but you can launch it from anywhere within Raiser's Edge, once you've activated it.

FindOmatic is like dropping a powerful search engine into Raiser's Edge, enabling you to find any record quickly (including those sneaky nonconstituents). Once you install the latest update, head over to Configuration in ImportOmatic to activate FindOmatic. Before changing the default settings, make sure to quickly review FindOmatic's user guide. Though it's pretty straightforward, FindOmatic can be configured to allow for instantaneous promotion of nonconstituent records, so you'll want to review how that works prior to enabling that option.

In addition to adding FindOmatic, we've also added some smart improvements to ImportOmatic:
- Added the ability to update action and recurring gift notepad types via import
- Export profiles can now use skip row dictionaries, rather than requiring your query to filter everything out
- Improved performance


You can review the full list of ImportOmatic improvements below and see details in the Release Notes.

If your organization is using MergeOmatic, please note that you will need to uninstall the standalone version of the MergeOmatic plugin when updating to this latest version of ImportOmatic (which includes MergeOmatic within it). All of your previous settings and history will carry over just fine, but this ensures that there are no conflicts or errors between the standalone MergeOmatic and the version embedded within ImportOmatic. If you have questions about this process, don't hesitate to reach out to our Support team for assistance!

When you're ready to take advantage of these improvements, download the latest version of ImportOmatic from our new downloads page! If you're hosted by Blackbaud, you don't need to take any steps to upgrade--we're working with Blackbaud to get these updates to your database as quickly as possible.

Version - March 22, 2017


Updated error message when invalid file path selected in error and exception file path setting


Fixed issue where importing table entries with both long and short descriptions were causing errors


Version - February 28, 2017
FindOmatic search tool is now included with ImportOmatic. Press the Alt key twice to launch it
FindOmatic will now display the source of nonconstituent records in search results
Improved notification message when a Connector subscription has expired
Fixed an issue causing an out of memory error with large imports
Fixed an issue where import wouldn't finish after running code tester on that file

Added ability to update action and recurring gift notepads
Fixed issue where the Apply default receipt amount options from membership category flag was not being saved
Fixed attribute matching options to require at least one selection
Checkbox for View side by side comparison will now save in VIP Processing area of the profile

List Management
Fixed issue where umlauts and other diacritics were not exporting correctly

Fixed issue where the default profile, instead of the profile in use, was always displayed while using -v parameter

Added ability to use Skip Row Dictionaries in export profiles
Fixed issue that prevented changing the default profile when the previous default profile used a connector that had been uninstalled
Improved notification message when query output changes will affect the export process

Duplicates Module
Fixed issue where window would freeze if trying to close while an internet connection was unavailable