Introducing ImportOmatic v 3.4!! Easy Field Mapping, User Security, and List Management improvements! (Updated 5/30/17 v.

There are times we’re happy to announce an update to ImportOmatic, and then there are times we are ABSOLUTELY THRILLED to announce an update.  This one is the latter!  ImportOmatic 3.4 is here and ready for you to install.  If you’re hosted by Blackbaud, you will see these updates applied to the Blackbaud Hosting environment in the near future, but you can preview them now by reading on!

As always, we recommend thoroughly reviewing the full list of new features and fixes prior to installing ImportOmatic.  For now, here’s a 2-min video overview of the highlights.  If you missed our full webinar on May 8th, you can watch the webinar here.


Some of our favorite parts of this update include:

Easier Field Mapping – Single-column field selection, smarter type-to-search, recommended fields in our connectors, alphabetized dictionaries, and more will make mapping your fields easier than ever!

Added User Security – Set access to modules and tasks across ImportOmatic according to your RE Security Groups or customized by individual user, ensuring everyone can get to the tools they need (while also staying out of the ones they don’t).

Improved address view during import – Customize the display columns, compare addresses in-line or side-by-side, and adjust your profile’s address settings mid-import with the Go Faster button!

FindOmatic is now included! – Everyone gets FindOmatic with ImportOmatic.  To enable the search tool for your RE users, check out these quick steps*Note – existing FindOmatic users will also need to restart FindOmatic using these same steps after upgrading ImportOmatic. 



Are you using List Management too?  If so, we hope you’re excited about these updates:

Add individual records – There’s no more dependency on imports or queries; you can now add single records from scratch or from an RE search window

Demote records to nonconstituents – Have you ever accidentally promoted a record to a full constituent? Wish you could archive those long-inactive records without fully deleting them?  Now you can just add them to a list and demote them!


If you’re not using List Management yet, but are now curious to learn more, shoot us an email for a quick chat with your account manager!


Finally, SegmentOmatic received an update this week too.  If your organization uses both SegmentOmatic and ImportOmatic, you’ll need to update both at the same time to ensure compatibility.



We know that’s a lot to take in, so we’ve got some resources to help you learn about all of the new features:

- In our release notes, you can quickly jump to the correct page to learn all about specific features.

- Watch our overview webinar here, to see a guided tour through the new features.

Email us to register for our IOM 3.4 training class on May 23rd at 3:00p EDT.  It’s $100 per login, and we will go over everything you need to know to get oriented to the new features quickly.

As always, our Support team is standing by to help you out. 


When you're ready to install ImportOmatic, head over to our downloads page!


Version, May 30, 2017

Fixed issue where profiles could not be created for UK clients using RE version 7.93 without a patch

Resolved an error with the Advanced Address Processing screen when importing to a record with a blank address

Version, May 17, 2017


Fixed mapping issue with phones and email in RE version 7.94 and earlier
Fixed issue with mapping Constituent Declarations in UK databases 

Version, May 12, 2017



Fixed issue where profiles couldn't be mapped when RE:Tributes module is not installed

Fixed issue where API functions were not included in list of functions


Version, May 11, 2017


Added group and user security for Configuration, Import, Export, List Management, MergeOmatic, and ScoreOmatic

Improved error messages to provide more detail

Improved licensing messages

FindOmatic will now display your recent searches when double-clicking on the search bar



Simplified Field Map to single-column field selection

Added smart searching and alphabetization to the Field Map to quickly locate the specific RE field you are mapping

Profiles will now include dictionaries when being exported or imported back into Configuration

Relabeled the column headers in the Field Map area to easily differentiate the source and destination

Added No. employees and No. subsidiaries as available fields for Constituent records

Fixed issue where selecting to create a separate skip row exception file without a skip row dictionary being applied was causing an error

Fixed issue where Field Names with commas would misalign in the field map output file



Enhanced Advanced Address Processing screen to allow users to customize columns and compare addresses in address block format 

Added Go Faster button on Advanced Address Processing screen to adjust the profile's address comparison settings mid-import

Added ability to open source data on Advanced Address Processing screen by double-clicking incoming address row in grid

Biographical Comparison Screen will maintain screen position during subsequent import rows

Fixed issue where split gifts containing benefits was not correctly calculating receipt amount

Fixed where importing an attribute with a comment or date, but no description was causing an error

Fixed issue where new relationship phone types started with a 2 instead of a 1



Fixed issue where required fields for destination connectors were not being cleared out when changing destinations

Updated fuzzy date handling to improve compatibility with export destinations 


List Management

Added ability to add records to a list manually, without importing

Added ability to demote full constituent list members to non-constituents

Constituent name is now a hyperlink to be easily open the record from within a list

Query filter drop-down is wider to fit longer query names

Added warning when merging lists, allowing user to confirm before proceeding with merge

Fixed issue where the Search results did not correctly display and mark records as hidden

Removed Add to ResearchPoint Task and related configuration screen

Reorganized right click menu to group like items together

Improved processing speed when opening lists


Scoring Module

Added macro for one-off constituent scoring (previously only available when standalone version of ScoreOmatic was installed)

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