ImportOmatic is ready - add gifts to existing uncommitted batches!

Summer is here, and we've got a hot update for ImportOmatic!

We always love when we can make one of your ideas a reality.  With this update, we're doing it twice!  We're knocking out two of the top five User Voice suggestions: the ability to import to an existing batch and the ability to delete certain fields via import.  

Let's talk about appending gifts to a batch first.  How many times have you imported a large gift batch through ImportOmatic, only to realize about 15 gifts didn't make it because of a small, fixable issue in the data file?  Or what about importing from one of our Connector sources, like Luminate Online or Classy?  Your options were to just get it all perfect in a single import, create separate batches, or manually add some gifts to the batch after the import.  We've fixed that!  Now, you have the option to be prompted to either create a new batch or select an existing batch for appending.  Keep in mind, only recurring and uncommitted batches will allow you to add more gifts.  This new option can be found in your profiles on the Gift settings screen.

We've heard over and over that users would like to be able to include a character to indicate a field should be deleted, or overwritten with a blank value.  So, we've added that capability!  Due to the advanced matching and update logic built in to ImportOmatic for various types of data, we couldn't apply this functionality across all records and fields.  However, we're very happy with how many areas we could cover!  You can review the full list of fields and considerations here.

In addition to the great suggestions above, we've added a ton of other features and fixes.  Make sure to review the comprehensive release notes in the What's New section of the ImportOmatic user guide.  

When you're ready to download and install ImportOmatic, head over to our downloads page.  Instructions for the update process can be reviewed here, and our Support team is available to assist as needed!

*If your Raiser's Edge database is hosted by Blackbaud, you do not need to download and install this update. Blackbaud deployed ImportOmatic on June 18, 2017.

Version, June 20, 2017


Added ability to hide warning box when there's no valid or an expired license



Added the ability to cancel import of dictionary entries



Added ability to remove data from certain fields

Added ability to import to an existing gift batch

Added more granular attribute matching options for Proposal Attributes

Added mapping for Education Relationship > Is primary

Adjusted alignment of Always Add New option for Jobs

Fixed issue where Primary Constituent Code drop down was not populating correctly

Attribute > Category will now return as a result when searching for Category in Field Map

Fixed issue where group number wasn't populating for individual relationship alias, organization relationship alias, or assigned solicitor alias



Added Go Faster feature for individual and organization relationship imports

Fixed issue where auto-pick exclusions weren't always working for relationships

Fixed issue where import wouldn't finish when sending a confirmation email and there were errors during import

Resolved error when matching on Event when updating Volunteer Jobs

Fixed issue where PO Box numbers with an apostrophe was causing an error


List Management

List names are now limited to 50 characters in length

Fixed issue where the constituent ID was still saved, after selecting to delete the ID, when demoting a record