ImportOmatic 3.5 is here! Try Retrace for FREE today! (Updated 11/17/17)

In a world where DBAs have never felt safe…data has been mysteriously changing for years. They need a hero to capture the data vandals and bring them to justice! 

Ever feel like your work in Raiser’s Edge is something out of a suspenseful movie?  Field values changing, records being added or deleted, and no one knows who is responsible?  The hardest part is figuring out exactly what used to be there, so you can manually rebuild the record.  Well, those days are over.  Omatic Software is happy to announce the launch of Retrace, our new change auditing tool available via ImportOmatic!

The ImportOmatic 3.5 update brings you many exciting updates, including the new Retrace module!

Does it seem like you’re out of the loop on new features, important information, or just figuring out how to resolve an issue?

           - The new Info Panel in IOM will solve these problems for you!

One bit of feedback we hear time and again is, “I don’t really know which settings to look at in a profile, so I click through every single section.” 

- Not anymore!  Now, your profiles will suggest areas to review, based on the fields you’ve mapped from your data source.  
- No gift info? Skip the gift settings!  
- Mapped the email address at the last minute?  The profile will remind you to check your email settings.

Export via ImportOmatic has been a great way for users to connect directly with other systems like Luminate Online and Classy, especially when needing to add offline gifts or update event registrations.  But, there’s been one little problem – RE Query is not a great data source.  While Query is great at gathering the right people, it’s not great at outputting just the information you need to see about those folks.

- Solution?  You can now use RE Exports as a data source for sending data out through IOM!  It’s the best of both worlds, by combining the specificity of RE Exports with the data transformation and direct API connections ImportOmatic offers.

Note – this feature is dependent on updating Raiser’s Edge to version 7.96 patch 5 or higher.  You can update ImportOmatic now, but you will not be able to use the RE Export data source until Raiser’s Edge has been updated too.

There’s so much more, too!  We’ve added dozens of new fields to the Field Map, fixed quite a few bugs, and made little tweaks throughout ImportOmatic to make your work easier than ever before.  Check out the full list below, or head over to the What’s New list in the IOM User Guide, where you can follow links to more details about the updates that interest you the most!


When you're ready to update ImportOmatic and try out Retrace, download it here!  If you need help with the update, you can review the instructions here or contact our Support team for assistance.



*This update is scheduled for deployment in Blackbaud Hosting on November 17, 2017.  It will contain everything listed under and lower, except Retrace.  Retrace is not approved for use in Blackbaud Hosting at this time.*


Version - November 17, 2017


Fixed issue where organization relationship addresses could not be opened during import


Added ability to run a Data File to Data File Export process for easier troubleshooting


Macro will no longer appear in records prior to activating a trial or subscription to Retrace


Version - October 4, 2017


Added a note to the Info Panel when a user is offline


Removed default phone and email types in default screen (profiles will automatically be converted)

Fixed issue where phone and email mapping in specific situtations were changing when saving the profile



Membership expiration date will now default from the RE Membership Category if not included in the profile mapping

Education relationships will now match on either the short or long description of the School ID



Fixed issue where profile wouldn't open correctly when going immediately to Export and opening a Luminate Online export profile 



Version - September 20, 2017


Updated ImportOmatic home screen to include Info Panel with important alerts and easy access to support resources

Adjusted profile creation, modified, and run dates to reflect local formats

Updated subscription message popup

Updated security settings for Scoring module

Inactive profiles are easier to read when viewed in the Profile Directory



Fixed issue where a --BLANK-- entry wasn't displaying properly when using the + button to add the entry



Added profile review suggestions based on which fields are mapped

Added ability to import solicitor goals

Added Import ID and Solicitor Import ID as a mappable fields for Prospect Proposals

Added Solicitor Import ID as a mappable field for Participants

Added Additional Add/Sal Type as a mappable field for Constituents

Added Alias Type as a mappable field for Constituents, Individual Relationships, Organization Relationships, and Assigned Solicitors

Removed requirement for setting a new address type in New Preferred Address section

Updated default selections when refreshing profiles

Updated highlight color when searching for RE fields when mapping profiles

Fixed issue where attribute comments and dates were being unmapped if they appeared higher in the field map than the description

Fixed issue where deleting the last row when it has referential mapping cause the profile to become corrupt

Fixed issue where tooltip for Bio2 fields in Constituent bio comparison updates was missing data

Fixed issue where organization relationship addresses were not able to be updated from the Advanced Address Processing screen

Fixed issue where fields that are referenced in column A were not being displayed properly when saving and closing a profile



Updated header on Go Faster window to make it easier to differentiate between importing constituents and relationships

Edits in the source row while in the Advanced Address Processing screen will now display in the incoming address

Resolved error when importing participant information from certain connector profiles

Fixed issue where imports from connectors would stop if there was an error during data retrieval

Fixed issue with table entries not matching with or without an accent if the database is accent insensitive

Fixed issue where constituent notepads were not being updated if the title was blank in both the file and the record

Fixed issue where only the first row of a split gift was included in the exception file

Fixed issue where importing to unique attributes that were first in the list caused an error

Fixed issue where accents and other diacritics weren't importing correctly



Added source connector for RE Export (Requires RE 7.96 patch 5 or higher)

SQL query editor will now open for editing when the query has errors

Fixed issue where fields weren't premapping when exporting to Data File or FTP 

Resolved error when exporting a null date as text using the SQL query connector


List Management

Fixed issue where saving a non-numeric constituent ID of a list member when demoting the record caused an error



Launched Retrace to allow change tracking across Raiser's Edge records- start your trial today!