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Regex for Export from RE

I need to export a Constituent Attribute from RE through Omatic which has two different Attribute Descriptions for the same Attribute Category.

I would like to build a dictionary that ignores certain Attribute Descriptions being exported in a field (i.e. doesnt export it in the export file)>  I know the new version of Omatic lets you use export (and hence i assume identify the exact description to be exported) but we are still on an old version of RE, we will be upgrading before March but just wanted to get something set up in the mean time to work around this issye

Any help would be appreciated!

Example of the data

Attribute Category = Special Considerations

Attribute Description = No Contact; No Direct Mail ; Quarterly Mail only

I would like to remove "NO Direct Mail" and "Quarterly Mail only" if exported in the "No Contact" field in the data 

Hi Erin,

Are you saying that you only want to remove "No Direct Mail" and "Quarterly Mail" IF the attribute contains "No Contact"?



Hi John.

When the field i'm exporting is named No Contact Id like to remove "No Direct Mail" and "Quarterly Mail Only" , and also

When the field im exporting is named No Direct Mail id like to remove "No Contact" and "Quarterly Mail On;y"

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