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Speed of API code run for many rows

A quick question to speed up a slow process…

How fast does IOM code run where there are a lot of rows of code to check against (though very simple check).

We'll be getting import files with ~ 300 columns, most of which are just locations, with an X or blank in them. 

If we set up a profile with all those columns, and with code for all the location columns of "If [Value in field] = X, THEN [Appropriate location name]"

Will that run incredibly slowly because of the sheer number of things it's having to check, or will it be pretty quick because it's such a simple check?

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Hi John,

I wouldn't expect it to cause much of a delay, but of course there are lots of other variables that come into place like system specs, network speed, memory, etc so there is no way to say for sure.



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