ImportOmatic is ready to go! Support for new RE features and many fixes!

Time to shake off the Winter blues with an update to ImportOmatic!  This update includes support for 2 new features in Raiser's Edge and many bug fixes across the suite of tools included with ImportOmatic.

Raiser's Edge recently improved Gender code tables and added new Consent records for tracking communication opt-in/opt-out preferences and GDPR compliance.  To access these features through ImportOmatic, you will need to be on Raiser's Edge 7.96 patch 8+ and ImportOmatic

If you are planning to use the new Consent features in Raiser's Edge, we recommend thoroughly reviewing Blackbaud's Resources first.  Then check out our advice on preparing to import Consent.

Check out the list of improvements below, or visit the Release Notes section of the ImportOmatic User Guide for more details!

When you're ready to install the update, head over to our Downloads page.   Our User Guide provides instructions on how to update, and our Support team is available for help too!

Version, February 13, 2018

Not available in Blackbaud Hosting yet.


Fixed issue where including alias searching required a match, rather than adding a new record

List Management

Fixed issue where records would not be added when trying to create/add to a list from a query


Added support for SQL Server 2008

Version, February 1, 2018

*Blackbaud Hosting deployed version on February 2, 2018. This version contains the list of updates below, excluding the items marked with an asterisk.



Added ability to import Consent records (requires Raiser's Edge 7.96 patch 8+)

Added support for updated Gender table handling (requires Raiser's Edge 7.96 patch 7+, will always display as "Sex" in the profile Field Map) 

Added Phone Import ID as a mappable field for phones/emails 



Fixed issue where appeals were being added to relationship records during import in error

Fixed issue where last appeal values were added to all incoming appeals when importing multiple constituent appeals 

Fixed issue when adding constituent codes via virtual fields, with date-based handling rules applied in the profile 

Fixed issue where error would appear when importing over 10,000 rows with the Bio Comparison window activated 

*Fixed issue where phone/email comments were overwritten with blank values, but no value was mapped (this fix is not yet available in Blackbaud Hosting) 


Fixed issue where using an RE Export to export multiple values for a field resulted in duplicate data

Fixed issue when running an IOM export based on a deleted RE Export 

List Management

Fixed error when applying a task workflow based on a query with output fields


*Fixed compatibility issue with international date formats (DD/MM/YYYY) (Retrace is not available in Blackbaud Hosting)

Scoring Module

Fixed issue where profiles could not be saved due to date format conflicts (MM/DD/YYYY vs DD/MM/YYYY)


*Fixed error when entering Finder Numbers in Gift Barcode fields in Batch (This issue does not affect Blackbaud Hosting users)