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Adding address "date to" and changing address type only when matching addresses of identical type

When we change addresses manually we update copy preferred address to alternate to keep the previous address history. If the donor has changes their address, we'll change the address type to "previous address", add a "date to", and mark the new address as preferred.

Imports are a bit trickier. We're able to change the previous address and add the "date to", but it applies to all newly created address records. Sometimes we're getting a new work address and are marking it preferred over the existing home address, but the donor still lives at their home address, so we don't want it to show as a previous address with a "date to". Is there a way of configuring this in the import profile so that it will only update those fields when the imported address type matches the existing preferred address type?

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Hi Gregg,

Currently this functionality isn't available but I would encourage you to post it to our uservoice.



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Will do. Thanks John!

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