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Raiser's Edge scaling problems after installing IOM

Our organization uses Lenovo X1 Carbon and Yoga laptops. We've discovered that when IOM is installed as a plug-in to Raiser's Edge, screen and font scaling will not display correctly unless Windows Display and Layout is set to 100%. This is very limiting because on high res laptops like these, fonts are too small unless Display and Layout is set to 200%. RE scales perfectly fine without IOM installed, but as soon is it it, scaling goes out the window. See attached screen shots. Has this happened to anyone else?

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I've got a Microsoft Surface running at a 3000 x 2000 resolution and recommended scaling of 200% in Windows 10, and it seems okay for me (see screen shots below).

I do recall having a problem within IOM with something along these lines, where the text drop downs were too big for the dialog box, so you couldn't see the actual drop down arrows on the right hand side of those boxes - from memory, I think I logged this as a problem with IOM support and it was resolved with one of the next releases. 




I am experiencing the same issue. This type of scaling should absolutely be possible.

UPDATE: the support team very quickly came up with an interim workaround which seems to work well. I'm impressed with their responsiveness.

Thank you!!

I am wondering if Omatic is doing any more work on this issue. The reason I ask is that we have a remote desktop server that we use to access RE when not in the office via a Remote Desktop Connection. Since IOM is also installed on this server anyone accessing RE via it with a newer high res laptop experiences these weirdly scaled fonts and graphics. 

In Win Server 2012 R2 which is running on our remote server, the options described in the "interim workaround" mentioned above are not available. See below:


Even if I uncheck "Disbale display scaling on high DPI settings" I still have the problem of poor scaling and fonts.

Hope that there are efforts to address this issue in ALL environments without manual fixes.


Hi Robert, I will have our Support team reach out to you to troubleshoot further.

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