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RE 7.96 and Inactive Phone Types

Hi All,

We have just upgraded to 7.96 RE and are looking at the new Inactive Phones and how IOM interplays with them

We tested an import where we added the Inactive Field to an IOM profile as a virtual field, and added the text "Yes" to make sure any new email addresses coming in from an import file that may match to Inactive Address (i.e. added is Inactive on record, but erin has made a donation with that email address and so now should become active again)  but the email was not updated, it remained inactive.

Does anyone have advice around this?? 



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Since the field is "Inactive?" wouldn't Yes or True mean to keep it checked? Try testing a couple of records with No or False and see if that works


I added a virtual; field "Constituent > Emails > Is Primary > Donor - PrimaryEmail (Field W)" with a static field of True. Note: Field W in the profile contains the donor's email address.


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