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Set MailChimp Connector export to not overwrite existing data?

Hello. I am setting up an export into an existing MailChimp list from RE and I am looking for ways to not overwrite the existing data there.

E.g., if we already have Ann Smith ( in MailChimp, I do not want her first name to be overwritten with data coming from RE (John Smith with the same email).

I cannot do this by unmapping First and Last Name fields in the connector because it is a required field in our MailChimp list and I will be getting exceptions for all new records. MailChimp Connector guide simply says that:
If a matching email or ID is found, that record is updated.

So I was wondering whether there was any workaround for this?

Hi Aleksi,

The only work around would be to do your export in two passes.  Run the first pass with first and last name ignored, then take the exception file and run it through a profile that has first and last name mapped to create new records.



Thank you John. Is it something that could be implemented in the Connector later on or is it a MailChimp API limitation?
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