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Regular Expressions


When a donation is specified on behalf of a company, our donation form is configured to have first name relabelled to company name and last name hidden with a "." placed in the field.

I have an expression to exclude these transactions from our import of individual gifts, but I cannot find the expression to do the opposite in a dictionary.

I would like the dictionary to exclude all gifts BUT those whose last name is "."


Hi Anthony,

Value to match on ^(?!\.).*$ Replacement value Skipped - this is an individual donation (The replacement value can be whatever you want it to say.  It's the text that will show up in the exception file.)  Turn on skip row and regex.

Have you thought about using unused field for the company name? We are currently doing something similar to what you are doing, but using the Employer field in Luminate for Company names and making first and last names hidden ".". In the import, I have a dictionary to remove the ".", making the first and last name blank and picking up the company name in the other field. It just saves you from having to deal with the companies in another import. 

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