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Classy is here, with new fields available for importing!

Adding fixes and features are our two favorite things!  With this update to the ImportOmatic Connector for Classy, we've fixed a couple annoyances, like the Billing Postal Code disappearing and having to scroll past deleted campaigns when building new profiles.

We've also added a couple cool features to make sure you're getting the most out of your integration between Classy and Raiser's Edge.  You will now see custom questions for attendees included on Transaction profiles.  We've also added the ability to import separate first and last names for tributes, if you've enabled that feature in Classy.  Don't worry, we're still providing the full tribute name as a single field, if that's how you prefer it.  Keep in mind that these two changes mean you will need to refresh your profiles prior to importing

For more information about these improvements, head over to What's New in Connectors.  

When you're ready to download the latest version, you can click here.  

If you need assistance with installing the latest version or refreshing your field map in your existing profiles, our Support team is always standing by to help!

Classy, version - Approved for use in Blackbaud Hosting
(Note: after updating to this version, you will need to refresh your field map on profiles prior to importing.)
- Added custom questions for attendees on Transaction profiles
- Added parsed name fields for Dedication Recipient and Dedication Honoree, for use when importing Tributes
- Deleted campaigns will no longer show in Campaign menu when creating a profile
- Fixed issue where Billing Postal Code was not importing in Transaction imports