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MailChimp Connector Question

We are considering getting the mail chimp connector for our Mail chimp account

Can we just download the file and follow the installation guide in the help section of Omatic or do we need to do this in consultation with Omatic support?

Also, can anyone clarify if the connector matches to List Management records as well was Raiser's Edge records?



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Hi Erin,

Yes, you can download and install the ImportOmatic Connector for MailChimp anytime. We do offer services if you need help in getting your profile(s) set up, but otherwise you can follow the user guide.

When importing you can match to List Management list members. If you would like them to remain as non-constituent list members you will need to set up your profile as a List Management profile and import through List Management. Otherwise if you import through IOM itself, and match to a list member, they will be promoted to a full constituent.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,


Omatic Support

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