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Managing duplicates in RE and LO while using the Omatic LO Connector

I am wondering if anyone out there using RE, LO and the Omatic LO Connector has come up with a good way of handling duplicate records in the two systems? This seems to me to be one of the few capabilities where the RELO connector was way ahead of the Omatic connector!

Thanks for any feedback.


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Thank you so much for asking this question, Robert! We're experiencing the same issue at our org. If Omatic can come up with a way to utilize their brilliant MassMerge tool in both systems, that would be amazing.

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Hi Robert and Kendal,

We had the same issue and what we have been doing to deal with it is we actually still have RELO running and we process constituents in it before using Omatic to import our gifts.  It is working really smoothly for us!


This is an old post, but I'm wondering if anyone can shed some additional light on this issue from your experience the past couple of years. We just launched the IOM Luminate connector and still have RELO running, and we are are having major problems with duplicates in Luminate. .If anyone is willing to connect and share your insight, I would be much appreciative!

Tiffany, it is interesting to hear that you are using both RELO and the Omatic connector. We were advised by Omatic and BB that we should not use both as it could cause conflict and unexpected problems. 

Hi Robert,

We were told the same thing, but we have been using both now for over 18 months and we have learned a few tricks to keep it clean, plus we have had issues with the Omatic connector on a few occasions where we had to wait for a fix release to come out and we were able to use RELO as a back up.  We have a large volume of online events and gifts so it was very fortunate.  

I'm happy to share anything I can that might be helpful to you.  My email is


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