ImportOmatic version 3.6 is ready for download and available in Hosting! Updates to Import, Export, Retrace, and more!

Our favorite updates are when we can improve our products for a wide group of users – no matter your experience level, organization size, or Raiser’s Edge version.  ImportOmatic version 3.6 is checking all the boxes – new features, tons of fixes, and touching on nearly every area of the ImportOmatic suite of tools!


We’re adding a couple highly-requested features in your import profiles:

- Duplicate Participants – Do you use the option to “Allow multiple registrations” on Raiser’s Edge Events?  In the past ImportOmatic has been so focused on preventing duplicates, that it would not allow you to import more than one registration per person on a single event. Now you can override participant duplicate matching to allow a single individual to be listed on the same event multiple times! To learn more about how to enable this feature, check out this Knowledgebase article.

- Better Soft Credits – When you’re promoting nonconstituent spouses to full records, do you want to ensure they receive soft credits for future gifts from  their spouse?How about importing multiple soft credit recipients for one gift? If you’ve ever been tasked with setting up soft credits for a gift, you know how robust soft credits can be in  Raiser’s Edge. We’ve tried to incorporate these same handling options into profile configuration in a way that will make it easy to mimic your current practices when importing a large  number of records.Test out these steps for spouses and multiple recipients, before applying the new soft crediting options to your next gift import. 


In the fall, we added the ability to use RE Exports via the ImportOmatic Export module, allowing you more control over which records are syncing back to connected systems like Luminate Online, Classy, and MailChimp.  We’ve made a few more improvements in that area, including the ability to utilize custom export headers.  By renaming the field headers in your RE Export, you can easily map your fields, troubleshoot exceptions, and share your IOM Export profiles with colleagues.


When we released Retrace for tracking changes to records in the fall, we were eager to hear user feedback about where to focus our efforts for improvement.  You spoke, and we heard you!  We now offer more control over database storage and performance impacts that many were concerned about during trial runs.  If you already used your free trial for Retrace, but you’d like to try it with these improvements, let us know! 


Plus, there are tons of fixes to both FindOmatic and List Management, including new list columns for Primary Phone and Email!  

Want to learn more? Come to our webinar on May 17th or check out the What’s New page of the ImportOmatic User Guide.


If you’re ready to install these updates to the ImportOmatic Suite, you can download the installation file here. If it’s been awhile since you’ve run an update, why not take a quick look at the installation instructions first? 


If you’re using RE or RE NXT in the Blackbaud Hosting environment, you don’t need to do anything today beyond learning what’s coming soon. We’re working with Blackbaud to get this update out to you all as quickly as possible!

ImportOmatic Suite v - released July 24, 2018

Updated connector subscription notification language for clarity

Updated duplicate search SQL to alleviate timeout on records with a high number of relationships
Fixed issue where including soft credit IDs on some rows triggered exceptions on other rows without soft credit IDs
Fixed issue where the incorrect phone/email would be marked primary when importing another phone/email that already exists on the record
Fixed issue where duplicate searching would only consider the first or primary phone/email on a record on RE 7.95+
Fixed issue where manually matching a relationship record would trigger the address to be overwritten by the related record's address

Fixed issue where searching would only consider the first or primary phone/email on a record on RE 7.95+

ImportOmatic  Suite v - released June 11, 2018


Fixed issue where user would be prompted to login to Raiser's Edge when using Scheduler to run exports from RE Export data source

Fixed issue where the Bio Comparison screen doesn't display for matched relationships when importing alias

Fixed General ODBC Error: Arithmetic overflow error for data type smallint when importing multiple constituent codes

Fixed issue where sorting duplicate search results by some columns would result in an object reference error


ImportOmatic  Suite v - released May 10, 2018
Current version available in Blackbaud Hosting


Added ability to import duplicate participants to the same event

Added ability to designate soft credit amount/percentage during import, including on multiple recipients

Added option to soft credit for spouse's future gifts when promoting a spouse to a full constituent



Fixed issue where nonconstituent spouses were promoted on rows that had excepted out of the import

Fixed issue where import would hang when trying to load excessive duplicate search results.  Rows with more than 100 results to display will now trigger an exception.

Fixed issue where alias type would not import when using dynamic mapping and in the first two columns of the file

Fixed "Required Field Missing: Information Type" exceptions when importing multiple Financial Information records for a single constituent

Fixed issue where Update files created by some import profiles with customizations would remain locked for editing



Added support for custom field names when using RE Export source

Fixed issue where using RE Export source would duplicate fields in the destination if more than one is mapped

Fixed "Sequence contains more than one matching element" error when exporting two fields with the same name

Fixed issue where updating a query in use by RE Export would not update the records being output through IOM Export until restarting Raiser's Edge 


List  Management 

Added columns for Primary  Phone and Primary Email (requires Raiser's Edge 7.94+)

Added confirmation message when process to apply a Task Set or Task Workflow  completes

Updated warning message when deleting an entire list

Fixed issue where deleting a pre-existing nonconstituent (such as a relationship) from List Management would also delete the nonconstituent record from Raiser's Edge

Fixed issue where appeals added by List Management could not be re-added by List Management if deleted



Fixed error when exporting: "Invalid URI. The format of the URI could not be  determined."



Fixed issue where hitting the backspace key would trigger Raiser's Edge to go back to previous pages

Fixed issue where previously opened record would reopen upon subsequent searches, if using the Enter key to open records



Added option to exclude specific users from change tracking for performance improvement

Added option to delete changes from history after one year