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Updates to Classy, MailChimp, and DonorDrive Connectors!

We've got updates for three of our most popular connectors today!  Here's even better news - all of these updates have already been approved for use in the Blackbaud Hosting environment. Check out the release notes below to see what we've improved in our Connectors for Classy, MailChimp, and DonorDrive. 

If you would like to learn about other recent updates to our Connectors, you can view past release notes here.  As always, updating your Connectors is optional, based on if you want one of the improvements listed below.  You can view step-by-step installation instructions here, and our Support team is always ready to help!

When you're ready to get these updates, head to our downloads page.

Classy, version

Updated Campaign Designation field to include donor-specified Program Designations

Fixed issue where incorrect number of tickets were imported when multiple tickets are purchased

MailChimp, version

Extended timeout to 5 minutes to prevent Error: Unable to get the members of this list: A task was canceled

DonorDrive, version

Fixed issue where Test Connection button did not display connection test results

Fixed object reference error when importing Participants