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Dictionaries Question: How to ignore a value when importing

Our print company assigns numbers to our prospecting list (i.e. X12345, etc) to make it easier for us to pull their name and address when they donate; however, when I run the import I do not want those numbers to come through. Instead of having to delete those X12345 etc. numbers in Excel is there a way I can use the dictionaries to make ImportOmatic ignore those numbers. I currently have my dictionary set-up to ignore a specific number; however, is there a way I can have it ignore any number that comes in with an X (i.e. X12345, X123687, X19838). Thanks!

Hi Jocelyn,

Value to match on would be ^X\d+  and replacement value would be blank.  Check the box for use regular expressions.



Jocelyn, anlother way to simply ignore any/all numeric values in a string would be a regular expression like:

Replacement Value                              Value to Match On

-BLANK-                                                   \d

Literally means to ignore any digits found in the string, which should still allow alpha values and special characters to come through. 

Keep up the good work!

Allison B.

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