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Regular Expression - string begins with x and ends with y

Hello All,

I need help with a dictionary entry to enter a fund "Online Donations" when the string begins with "e_main" and ends with"c3", as in this example: e_main_staffdonationpage_c3.  It works in test but after import, the field is blank.

Thanks in advance,


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Edit to prevoius post - The values to match on are does not contains c3 or does not contain c4 or c4pac.

If it works in test but not after import I'd suspect something else is amiss.  Is it possible that you are using Fund names but your RE user settings are set to Fund ID, or vice versa?  Your values in IOM have to reflect your RE user settings.  This article gives some more detail.



Thanks, John. I just tried importing both ways, user settings set to Fund ID and Fund Description, and both returned a blank field. Any thoughts?

Try running it through code tester as detailed here

Thanks, John. Can you tell me where I can access the code tester?

Hi Denise, 

You can Access Code Tester by opening up your profile, and selecting the box that says "Test Code" at the bottom of the field mapping screen.



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