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IOM Scheduler and RE Exports - known issues?

Hi.  We are trying to get an export our of RE working via Omatic, so we can schedule the export every day to update our Email database.

Currently, I have 3 automated exports using RE query running when we have scheduled it but the 4th one is an RE Export (as we need to specify select fields to export only when a certain value is populated). 

The Re Export starts to run, as our IT man has produced a start.batch line file to show this. but it never exports the file, and never ends.

Is there any known issues with using scheduler to export data using an Re export rather than an Re Query?

im going to send this same issue to the helpdesk, but wondered if anyone on here may be able to answer my question faster.

thanks heaps


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Hi Erin,

What version of IOM are you using?  (You can see it in the top right corner of the ImportOmatic home screen.) 

We have resolved a couple issues involving Export + Scheduler in the last couple updates that may be related to the problem you described.   You can read more about those updates here:

^Don't forget to subscribe to that forum (ImportOmatic Updates) to receive alerts when new versions are available!

I hope this is helpful!


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