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Query List Management records

Is there a simple way to query list management records. I know that I can locate them using the List Management function. But it is not simple to ask users to click on Plug-Ins, then ImportOmatic, then List Management, then Search Lists and then enter a name. There is a topic titled "Query Non Constituents" in the knowledge base, but it seems to be missing the initial response which might have answered my question.

You can use FindOmatic, press Alt-Alt and it brings it up. you might need to tweek the settings a bit to serach for "non Constituent records" 

Findomatic is free part of the Omatic suite, but I recommend updating to the latest version as it fixings a lot of bugs

the other way we query Omatic is to have set searches set up - i.e. queries called Name= or Phone= and then update the query with the required criteria before going into LM to use the serach query function

Thank you for your feedback. I did not know about FindOmatic and now that I am using it, I find it invaluable. Now I have more specific query requirement that perhaps the LM search query can do. However, it is not clear to me how to use it. What I am trying to do is to get a list of records (constituent or non-constituent) that have a non-blank value for a particular constituent attribute. When I go into List Management and select my list, I see the Query Filter dropdown which currently has 4 choices in it. I assume that these are queries that were setup somewhere for this purpose. How do create a query filter to use with LM? I don't see any reference to Query Filters under the List Management section of the user guide.

Hi Tony.

The queries are created within Query in RE. There should be a folder in your folder list called "List Management".  Any query you create in this folder will then be able to be seen in the LM Drop down.

Its  abit annoying going back and forth from Re to LM when you have a query that needs tweaking.  I find it best to have 2 RE screens open, one in LM and one in the Query RE screen until i get the query right/  The LM Query List will refresh when you close LM and open it again,

The help page on the Omatic website (within ImportOMatic) will give you heaps of ideas on how to use LM.  I have found it invaluable - although it can sometimes be clunky its help us manage acquisition lists which would normally just sit in a spreadsheet and be corrupt every couple of months.

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