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Import Profile Errors


I am newer to ImportOmatic and I am getting two errors in a profile for employment updates that I'm having trouble figuring out. 

The first error is on the employment information going onto an Organization relationship and I'm ending up with the following error on constituents who have held more than one position at the same place. "Organization relationship could not be updated because 2 existing relationships matched on organization name"  I am including a relationship type on the record and would like to match only on the relationship that is current and has a type of employer.  

The second error that keeps coming up is "Multiple records were found for the specified alias" .  I've set the alias for nickname as match or add. 



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Hi Bridget,

Regarding the first error ImportOmatic does not currently have the ability to match to existing relationships by name and type, only by name.  This is something that could be done through a customization through the ImportOmatic API.  As for the second error IOM has the ability to treat an alias as a unique identifier much like an import ID or constituent ID.  So it is searching for a record that matches the nickname and finding multiple matches.  To correct this you'll need to change the mapping to alias>add instead of match or add.



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