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Error in Split Gift: You do not have security access rights to modify this field.

 I know I've asked this question here before but tried doing a search and couldn't find it

How do you search on your topics?

In any case, I'm trying to set up a special security group in RE for gift processors - so they do not have Supervisor rights but still need to get gifts put into RE.

I vaguely remember there is some check box in security I need to check but cannot remember where that is

Help please!




Yes, in the Administration portion of RE, go to the Security settings. And in the security group you're adding or editing: Select "Records" and then click Options, then click "Gifts" and here you'll have the options/check boxes you can allow for the security group.

If you enter gifts through Batches, you'll want to make sure you have the appropriate boxes checked for "Batch" --> "Gift" as well.

Hope that helps!

Thanks Victoria!

All the boxes are checked (and were all checked) in both places and I'm still getting that error code when testing the new group on an import from the Luminate Connector/ImportOmatic

I am on RE 7.93 - would that make a difference?

Darn! I'm not sure about that error then. It could be that running the Omatic plugin is only available to Administrators within RE...

I was able to get this to work...thanks to Raymond in Omatic Support...WHOO HOO YOU ROCK!!

It was a security setting in RE - under Personal Information you need to check Personal Information Data Entry (like in a million years I would never think this was the reason it wasn't working)

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