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RE 7.96 and Exception Files Plus Weird Import Issue


We upgraded from RE 7.93 to 7.96 a few weeks ago

Previous to the upgrade when we had exceptions both a text file (error) and CSV file (exceptions) were produced.

Now both files are text

Has anyone else seen this?  How do you fix it? 

I've tried changing the name of the exception file to have a csv extension but that does not work

No idea why this started happened but it was after the upgrade so I'm thinking that is the cause.

On another issue, we are having trouble importing into a numeric field. Is there a way to tell if the field in Luminate is also numeric?  I'm starting to think the field might be text and that is the issue?

Thanks for any help!


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I open the txt file in Excel and "save as" a csv file.

I tried that Marie but it creates just one long row, instead of separate columns, for all data.  It is just weird that the CSV files are not being produced any longer

Try opening Excel, then browse to the file. When the text import wizard comes up, choose comma as the delimiter. That seems to work for me.

YES!  That worked Marie - thanks!

Except the Tab deliminator was what I needed (comma just made it on big column)

Regardless, it works I'm grateful!

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