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Programmatically linking existing gifts to a participant

I have a very specific import support I need. I am trying to link existing gifts to specific participants of an Event. I was able to achieve this through mapping the Gift Import ID and Participant Import ID to their relevant fields as shown below:




This works perfectly. However, I need to do the exact same thing, but using the API code. SO far I have this:


        Dim oPart As New CParticipant


        oPart.Load(Import.Fields.GetByName("Participant System ID").Value)


        With oPart.Donations.Add

               .Fields(ELinkedGiftFields.LinkedGift_fld_LinkedGiftID) = Import.Fields.GetByName("Gift Import ID").Value

               .Fields(ELinkedGiftFields.LinkedGift_fld_GiftID) = Import.Fields.GetByName("Gift ID").Value 

        End with





        oPart = nothing


But it is not working. Can this be achieved using the code?

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Until the post got approved, I found the solution by experimeting. Anyways gonna post here in case someone needs it in the future:

You need to link the gift system ID instead of gift ID or Gift import ID. Just modified my code like this and it worked: 

With oPart.Donations.Add

        .Fields(ELinkedGiftFields.LinkedGift_fld_GiftID) =  Import.Fields.GetByName("Gift System ID").Value

End with

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