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Calculate Receipt Amount as one field minus another field

We need to calculate the receipt amount where the"gift amount" and the "membership level" appear in the file.The gift amount my vary but the value of the membership always remains the same.

In this example the Patron membership costs $90 and has a value of $40. The file would include Gift Amount: $90 and Membership Level: Patron. We were translating Patron to $50 and mapped that as the receipt amount. Now if you have a promo code you can pay $80 for that same patron membership. So some people will have a receipt amount of $50 if they paid full price and people who use the discount will only have a receipt amount of $40

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I think you'll need an additional column "receipt amount" and use the Code Editor to calculate the value of this field: in the BeforeComputedColumns or other relevant location, you'd need something like

Import.Fields.GetByName("receipt_amount").Value = Import.Fields.GetByName("gift_amount").Value - 50

Shouldn't the promo discount be applied to their membership rather than their gift, though? Doesn't seem like much of a discount if it's actually just reducing the amount they donate.

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