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Organizations importing as Individuals


I am having trouble importing individuals and organizations at the same time. Here's the information I'm trying to import:

Column C - Last name

Column D - First Name

Column N - Organization Name

Some of our constituents have all columns filled, if they are an organization with a contact, or they may be an individual with only columns C and D filled or they may be an organization with no contact, so just column N will be filled. With the organizations that have contact information (so all columns filled), ImportOMatic will default to creating an individual record instead of an organization, even though the org name is mapped to the bio field. How do I get around this? Ideally, I'd like to set up virtual fields to add columns C and D as relationship information to the organization if there is data populated in those fields; however, I do not want individuals to become relationships to themselves, if that makes sense - I'd only want a relationship to be created if there is also an organization name. I apologize that this is convoluted - any help you can provide would be immensely appreciated!

Thank you!

Hi Sadie,

My first thought is that you would probably need to do two imports (and separate your data into two upload files) - one to create individual records and one to do organizations with relationships. In my mind that's the more simple way to do it to keep things straight for the org/relationship fields that you want (or maybe there's some sort of regular expression that could do that?).

You could create 2 separate import profiles (one for Individuals and one for Organizations to add in the relationships correctly) or create one profile and update field mapping for the second import.

Just my first thoughts!


Following on from Victoria's thoughts, you could give the 2 imports the same file if you used the Code Editor to ignore records that weren't the right type. You'd do this in the BeforeComputedColumns section with a line like:

In the Individual import:

If Import.Fields.GetByName("Company Name").Value <> ""

  Cancel.CancelRow ("Skip Organization record with Company Name")  

End If 

In the Organization import:

If Import.Fields.GetByName("Company Name").Value = ""

  Cancel.CancelRow ("Skip Individual record without Company Name")  

End If 

You could also get the one import profile to do both if you were willing to remap fields at the code level as well, depending on what fields had been populated - in your example, only populating those virtual relationship columns if the Company Name isn't blank.

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