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name seperation

my "name" column needs to be separated into title, first name, last name, suffix. The name column has a variety of name formats. first, middle initial, last, suffix, org name.... I Also need to add a title and omit the middle initial if there is one.

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I'm not sure if this is doable or not.

But the general approach would need to be:

1. How many fields are you wanting to split it into? 3? 5?  For example, suppose it's five fields.  Then you'll need four virtual fields with the Copy function seeding from the original input field.

2. Then on all the virtual fields and the original field, you'll need RegEx dictionaries-- but the rules for each dictionary will be different so each one acts as a filter that only lets through the data that's supposed to be in that piece.  E.g. the Title one would match on "Mr.", "Mrs.", "Ms."

The problem you may run into is one of data being messy, and so some rows of data may split nicely while others don't.

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