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How do I use an import to change an email or phone type

Omatic uses phone or email type to specify which phone or email should be updated on a record.

But our work process involves changing an email type to designate which email is the primary one, which emails are to be excluded from mailing lists, etc.

So we *must* be able to change phone type via import.

I'm currently not seeing any clear way to do this through Import-o-matic. 

The doc page mentions that "When importing phone/email values with an Import ID mapped, ImportOmatic will ignore all phone matching settings outlined above."  Except that doesn't seem accurate.  Because I can't select to map to a phone import ID until I after I have already mapped a phone/email number/address.

I'm hoping someone can help me with solution(s) to this problem because being able to programmatically update email type is going to be key to our automating what is now a very manual process we have to perform on every record that comes in from Luminate Online.

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