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Using IOM for database Synchronization in a Hosted Environment?

At our organization, Goucher College, we have a non-Blackbaud Student information system called PowerCampus and also have Raiser's Edge 7 installed on our local servers. PowerCampus is our primary system of record. No constituent records are ever created in RE7 but rather they are created in PowerCampus first and then via IOM, they are imported into RE7. As I understand it, our in-house technology team has written 3 scripts to automate the importing records and then certain record details from PowerCampus to RE7 via IOM every 15 minutes and then twice at midnight daily. 

We are wanting to migrate our RE7 to RE:NXT in the hosted environment. We also heard that there is a hosted version of IOM. We are wondering however if it'll be possible to continue using IOM in the way that we currently do with the automatic synchronization every 15 minutes of new records from PowerCampus to RE:NXT via IOM. 

Are there any other orgs, especially in Higher Ed, where the RE is not their primary system of record and they use IOM to help keep the two databases synchronous that have or are interested in migrating to RE:NXT?

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