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Regular Expression on blank values problem

Hello! I have been using a dictionary on one of my imports to convert a value within the file being imported, to the import ID. When the Import ID is bank, this dictionary uses regular expressions to convert. It's been working normally for a couple of months but today isn't converting. I think the code on the other side of the BLANK field may have been altered slightly and I don't know how to rewrite it to achieve the same result. An example of this in use and working correctly can be found below: Value to match on = edc1e64c-0001-4000-8000-0000002f65e1 (which is always a unique value) Replacement value = 00001-587-0000413386 (which populates the import ID field) Where --BLANK--Regex = ^(?!0000.*$).* Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!
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