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Reg ex to remove timestamp from date for Australian date format e.g. DD-MM-YYYY

Hi there,

Can anyone help me with a Reg ex to remove the timestamp from a date. I have found one in the forums but it doesn't work for me as I need it for the date format DD-MM-YYYY.

Hi Lei-an

We use this:


Hope that helps!


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Apologies, should have added....if your format is mm-dd-yyyy you need $2/$1/$3

if it is yyyy-mm-dd you will need $3/$2/$1

Hope that makes sense!


Thanks Gemma

Is the last symbol on values to match on a star? Are you able to explain the syntax so this kind of thing can be duplicated to other data?



Yes, it is an asterix.

I don't really know the proper terminology, to describe it, I'm afraid. It is just a Regex I found somewhere else and played around with until I got it to do what I wanted it to!

I can tell you the way I translate it in my head, but it's very layman's terms and muddly! Sorry!

OK thanks. can you help me figure out where I've gone wrong here - it looks like it should work?:


Can you change the / in the Values to match on to - ? So slashes to hyphens? Does that make a difference?

Thanks - that's given me a strange amalgamation. Possibly time to ask support! 


Hi Tammy

I have just replaced the slashes with hyphens, and this seems to work:



Can you screen shot your dictionary? I can have a look....we have another couple of people here who are a bit more on it!




Thanks Gemma, just pasted it. I cant see a difference but perhaps I need some new glasses! ;)

Ok, first step, replace the slashes in your Replacement Values to hyphens, if that's what you need.

I have also, personally, found that sometimes you can adjust a dictionary too much and it gets upset, so try building a brand new dictionary.

Thanks Gemma. I tried both those things to no available. I really appreciate the help though! 

Hopefully someone else can pick this up and help you further!


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