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Field Name Help

Hi guys - I'm trying to build an import that imports recurring gifts and their payments.

The software that we're getting the recurring gifts from doesn't have "quarterly" payments as an option but allows us to choose a "Bil Every 3 Months" option.

What I can't figure out is the field name for the "bill every 3 months" filed from Omatic to RE. 

I've tried "schedule spacing"; I've tried "schedule monthly type" etc.

I either get an error code and nothing imports at all, or it will import with the default value of 1.

Any ideas what this field is called in Omatic and what it translates to in RE?

This is the field I'm trying to map to:


Hi Carrie:

This part of the User Guide should help:

That field should map to Gift>Pledge/RecurringGift>Schedule Spacing

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