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An exception occurred in the Duplicate Search: Error 5.2: Duplicate results exceed 100 records

We recently upgraded IoM and are using 

We're now getting a new error message 5.2 about duplicate results exceeding 100. 

I'm not sure how to deal with this and having tried the following with varying sucess:

Changing the dupe matching criteria to include more characters in First Name, Last Name etc - this eliminates some of the problems. 

Where it didn't solve it is with very common names, eg John Smith. I did a check for whether or not the incoming email address exists already on RE, which it didn't, and then made sure the tick box was ticked called 'include email addresses in duplicate searching' - so it should only show me potential dupes if they match on the criteria set (ie first name/last name) PLUS an email address match - ie it shouldn't find any to match to, and then should add as new. But this didn't work either - have I misunderstood the email tick box though?

After this, I have had to turn off completely the option to even look for dupes - this solved it for most of the time - as expected - as it should just add as new without even trying to find a dupe match. This is currently not working and I'm still getting exceptions. Does anyone have any other suggestions as to how to import then? On checking there are only four records on our RE that could match this remaining exception, so perhaps it's a glitch?

This also seems a very odd workaround to have to do (switching off the dupe search altogether), and also involves having to check in the first place if the people I'm trying to import definitely don't exist in RE and therefore there is nobody it should be matching to - having to write queries to check for FN/LN/email address/Postcode etc. So quite time consuming. 

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to deal with this error or has had these same issues?


Lucy - we saw this early on until getting the most appropriate dup settings for us.  We generally use;

1. first 10 chars of last name, first 5 of first and first 5 of zip

2. first 10 chars of last name, first 5 of first and state

Thanks, Dennis

Thanks Dennis - I have tried changing those dupe settings. We did have one of them set to first name 1, last name 10, and postcode 7, which meant it would look for matches on initials too rather than full names. I've changed this to first name 5, which has helped, but means we will end up with more dupes though due to not looking for first name initial matches. I'm still getting an exception but I feel like it must be a glitch in RE so am going to import him manually!

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