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Using List Management To Manage Grateful Patients

We considering using List Management to manage our Grateful Patient data workflow and wondering if anyone else has used this process and would be willing to share with us how it works for you and any suggestions you might have?

Thanks for any/all help.  

Sue Redding

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We have been using it here at MultiCare in Tacoma, Wash., for several years now and it's been GREAT.  Our Annual Fund manager will be a better person to talk to than I am, and I'm happy to put you in touch with her. or 253-403-1521 if you want me to set that up. 

That's awesome - and exactly what we're hoping to hear about.  Right now it's simply a matter of getting all in one place (vacations/PTO) so this might be a week or two before I get back to you.  Grateful for the offer! Thank you Karen!

Jumping in from the sidelines... we are exploring using List Management with a grateful patient program and I'd love to be included in the introduction to your Annual Fund manager. 


Chloe--I didn't see your message until Sue reached out recently. Wasn't meaning to ignore you. Send me an email! :)

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