Omatic Cloud Updates - October 29, 2019

October 29, 2019

Formula wizard

  • Fixed issue where apply edits to an active formula would reset the Start Date to the first date the formula was run
  • Fixed issue where Triage was not processing all emails on a matched record

Data grids

  • Improved clarity by displaying the email that was used to match the record, rather than the first email listed on the record
  • Fixed issue where the Data Differences window displayed unnecessarily for child-object differences

Platform technology

  • Fixed issue where a you could not re-add a user that had previously been deleted
  • Fixed issue where password reset process wasn't working
  • Updated language and logo on username/password management emails 
  • Fixed issue where some matching data record updates would be missed if a data source throttled the connection

Constant Contact

  • Fixed issue where Address Kind was labelled as Phone Number Kind in data grids

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