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Regex Parse Last Name, First Name (note the comma!)


We have a field that includes 'last name, first name'. I want to separate the last and first names using regex. 

I can separate the last name from the first name however the comma stays with the last name. I need to drop the comma. 

Any thoughts on what expression to use? 

Thanks very much, 


Joshua, can you share your current regex string?  Thanks, Dennis

I just had this same issue a few days ago and found the answer in an Omatic blog:

The code I am using is as follows:

To split last name from 'last name, first name'

Replacement value = (?<=,).*

Values to match on = TRUE

When I test using Doe, John the replacement value renders exactly the same as the input value (i.e. Doe, John). 

Any help is appreciated. Thanks :)

To separate first name, I am using



Same result (i.e. output is no different than input). 

Is the RegEx box checked?

Most definitely :)

See attachment. 

Pictures are worth a thousand words! You want the .*(?<=,) to be the "Values to Match On" with a blank on Replacement Value side

Thanks! Unfortunately still getting errors. Two screenshots attached. 

Thanks so much,


Did you type "BLANK" or just leave the field blank and click on the + sign?

left the field blank and clicked on the + sign

So strange! I've never seen it say blank in the test output! I'll set up the same dictionary and see if I can send it to you when it works.

that would be really helpful. Thanks!

First Name Dictionary works for me now..see attached. Both needed a little modification from what was posted on the forum blog I linked to earlier. The First Name dictionary as posted left a space before the name. The Last Name dictionary as posted left the comma after the last name. 

(53 Bytes)
(31 Bytes)

Thanks for sending the changes! 

It may be that I am not incorporating the TRUE FALSE but its not working for me. I am unclear how to incorporate those within the dictionary. 

I am attaching a screenshot of the current dictionary setup. Thoughts?

Thanks again

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