Omatic Cloud Updates - December 18, 2019

December 18, 2019

Data Queue

  • Fixed issue where the Loading Data screen would not appear for the first formula while loading the matching data

Data Grid

  • Highlighted Data Differences will now respect capitalization matching settings

Formula Wizard

  • Added check mark indicator if a source field has been previously mapped 
  • Added Clean up options to format US postal codes to include leading zeros, if applicable
  • Ensured US postal code Clean up options skip formatting international postal code formats that contain alpha characters


  • Fixed issue where Alternate Lookup ID changes were not triggering updates to the matching data

Constant Contact

  • Updated matching data to exclude previously-deleted contacts
  • Fixed issue where previously-deleted lists were triggering exception messages when sending updates to Constant Contact
  • Fixed issue where partial addresses and phone numbers were triggering exception messages when sending updates to Constant Contact

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