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RegEx: Hour and Minutes from TimeStamp


I have a timestamp coming out of our ticketing database:


I am looking to use RegEx to update this field to import into Raiser's Edge aa an Action, Start Time, (HH:MM AM or PM)

I don't have much experience with RegEx and am trying to research a solution.

Thank you,


Courtney, that is awesome.  Are you simply ignoring the 4hr UTC offset or how is that being handled?

Hi Courtney!  Looks like you were able to get what you needed with this regex so I'm sure you came across some good information online.  I've found the following resources helpful when trying to figure out how to create a regex in case you're still looking for more information.  

Regular Expression Language (Microsoft)

What does this regex mean? (Stackoverflow)

Geoff Sharbrough

Senior Sales Enablement Engineer | Omatic Software

This formula is working on our profile! 

For the Values to match on: Top row gives us the HH MM SS, 2nd row removes the Time Zone

*Raiser's Edge converts the HH MM SS to an AM or PM format when imported into the Action Start Time Field.


Courtney, if I am reading this correctly your timezone is 4hrs behind UTC - assuming you are US based with DST I am guessing the East Coast time zone??  I am not sure that Regex can do that (especially if you are writing a generalized regex to handle any UTC offset - plus or minus times). Also, it is not possible to have regex perform math (ex. subtract the 4 hours).  It could get a bit more complex when the -4hrs takes you to a previous day.

With that said, possibly others more versed in regex can help educate all of us.

I would personally write a bit-o-code to parse the entire date@time string to determine. If you want to send me a copy of your import profile and some test data I would be happy to do it for you.

Thanks, Dennis

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