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Luminate Online Connector - Export Profile from RE to LO cannot overwrite data with Blank or Null

We have an export that we use to make updates to address and other fields in the Luminate Online Constituent profile. What we have noticed about the address lines however, is that if we have a one line update that replaces a two line address in Luminate, the second line is not overwritten with a blank but persists so that we end up with an incorrect address in Luminate. (e.g., Line 1: Apartment 2, Line 2: 123 Lark Lane replaced with Line 1: 456 Second Avenue would appear in Luminate as Line 1: 456 Second Avenue, Line 2: 123 Lark Lane.) 

We submitted this issue to Omatic and they said they are not able to overwrite with a blank or null a field that contains data in Luminate. 

Has anyone encountered this issue? If so, how have you addressed it? Would greatly appreciate your help!

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Update: Spoke to our customer success contact at Omatic and they are exploring a possible fix and recommended this process in the interim:


- Add a dictionary to Address Line 2 that replaces [blank] with some sort of special character, like a dash.

- Create a query in LO that searches the “Street” field for values that equal (not just contain) that character.

- Work through the results of the query to manually remove the second address line from those records, or use a global change option if one is available in LO.

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