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Regular Expression Dictionary - Luminate Recurring Appeal Conversion

With Luminate online, appeals are imported via the 4-digit code for the page in the dictionary in Importomatic.  Even if the gift is recurring, the appeal code will always reflect the original page that was selected to set-up the recurring donation. We want to change that.

We need to set up a regular expression dictionary to convert any gift with a specific portion of the long gift reference number to make it our regular recurring appeal code. All gifts in Luminate that are recurring ALWAYS have -3- within the middle of the gift reference.  

Can we create a regular expression dictionary that sees -3- within a recurring gift's reference in Luminate and convert the appeal code to our monthly recurring appeal code automatically?  I've attached an example so you know what I'm referring to.

Tara, this seems very possible - let me repeat it back to make sure I understand; Any LO Gift ID which contains the string '-3-' should be modified to include the recurring appeal code

Can you profile a few things;

1. a few lines of LO Gift ID's which we can copy/paste (not an image)

2.a few of the recurring appeals and the mapping needed 

3. Those same LO Gift IDs updated with the needed appeal code info

Thanks, Dennis

Hi Dennis:

1) see these:






2) & 3) 20wb (what it comes over based on the Omatic Dictionary code) to 20wbmodo is the most common we want those with the-3- to change to.  

I believe that answers all of your questions?  If not, please let me know.

Tara, think I now understand what you are saying - you want to use the "LO Gift ID" as a trigger to change the "Appeal Code" - basically, have Regex take the input of one field and update another.

Here's where my mind first goes;

1. Add a virtual field (you can call it "Appeal Code 2" which is a copy of your LO Gift ID (yes, I know the LO Gift ID is NOT the Appeal Code but this is just a place holder).

2. Add a Regex to look for the "-3- " in the "Appeal Code 2" and change it to your monthly code "20wb".  Hence "Appeal Code 2" is now the monthly appeal code that you want.

The problem is what if there is not a "-3-" in the "LO Gift ID" (a probable outcome) thus you are stuck with the LO Gift ID being mapped to an Appeal Code - that is a sticky wicket!

Soooooo, do not think it is possible however, would really like someone to educate me using RegEx for this.

I then think.....hmmmmmm.....a simple line of code could easily resolve.

if Instr(Import.Fields.GetByExcelName("whatever your LO Gift ID Column is").Value,"-3-")>0 then

                Import.Fields.GetByExcelName("whatever your Appeal Code ID is").Value="20wb" 

End If

As with many of my responses, if you want please send me a copy of a data file (use fake names, etc) and your import profile (you can export it from Omatic) and I would be happy to make the modifications for you and send it back.

Thanks, Dennis

Hi Dennis, how do I pull the data file for you? Should I pull this from Luminate directly?

Tara, it may be easier for you to send an 'updated' file from one of your recent imports - it will contain al the info needed.  Don't forget to change any names, etc prior to sending it.  thanks, dennis

Hi Dennis, do you mean an excel spreadsheet I export from the batch in RE? That's what I'm referring to... I don't know what you mean by "updated file" as when I do a dummy import with Omatic (so an exception batch), it creates a .txt file and doesn't have much info.  

Or do you want me to pull a transaction file from Luminate?  Because I'm not 100% familiar with everything, I'm not sure what you mean by "data file".

Hi, just trying to see if there were any updates to this?  Again grateful for your help!

sorry - I took a number of days off and was only checking email.  The update file is the file generated by Omatic after an import - it is normally located in whatever directory you set in the 'files' section of your profile setup - you also need to check a box or 2 (maybe just select the box that said 'include all').

Thanks, Dennis

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