Omatic Cloud Updates - February 19, 2020

Data Sources

  • Added the ability to create additional, non-CRM Data Sources
    • When adding a formula from the Data Queue, you will have the option to use an existing Data Source or create a new one
    • When adding a formula from a grid on the Integrations/Formulas page, it will use that existing Data Source

Platform Technology

  • Fixed issue where formulas could get stuck in a "Processing" state


  • Fixed issue where alternate email addresses were displaying as data differences
  • Fixed issue where matches could be added as new records in Altru

Blackbaud CRM

  • Added support for retrieving Constituent and Transaction data from Blackbaud CRM
  • Added ability to send data to any Blackbaud CRM data form, including custom forms


  • Added ability filter records by Group, when retrieving Subscriber and Unsubscriber data
  • Fixed issue where empty fields coming from Mailchimp were appearing as "null" in the Data Grids