Omatic Cloud Updates - March 19, 2020

 Data Grids

  • Fixed issue where "Error pulling records" would appear when trying to view Destination Exceptions
  • Fixed issue where the default Summary Field display values may be incorrect on newly-created formulas


  • Added merged/deleted record cleanup in Matching data!  
    When you merge or delete records in Altru, those records will no longer appear as possible matches during new data syncs.  To enable this feature, simply add the custom Omatic system role to your Altru username.  If you would like assistance locating this system role, or if you want to clean up existing data that still contains deleted records, we can help!
  • Fixed issue where Solicit Code updates were not respecting matching rules
  • Fixed issue where non-unique attributes would only display the first instance of that attribute in Data Grids, instead of all


  • Added ability to promote formulas from Sandbox to Production instances of Salesforce!  
    After testing a new formula in your Salesforce Sandbox, head to the Integrations/Formulas page to connect to your Production Salesforce instance and promote the formula from the Action menu.  You will walk through the wizard one more time to confirm your settings, and then you can enable sending data to and from Production!
  • Fixed issue where you could not reauthorize a connection to Salesforce from the Data Sources page

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