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Another RegEx one please! Omatic Cloud Mailchimp dates for UK format


I can't find exact solution for this so apologies if it already exists. I can't control the incoming data (Mailchimp Cloud Connector) but from the error logs an example date format is:

3/25/2020 7:26:20 AM

If I strip the timestamp then I get the invalid fuzzy date error, support have told me you can only apply one line of a dictionary so I need a one liner that'll strip the timestamp and also reformat to UK date format DD/MM/YYYY

Please help me RegEx gurus! :)



Hi Michael

This is what we use:


Now this incorporates time as well as no time stamp, and I haven't looked at it for a while, so I think it is best to try a few of the rows above, and play around as you need.


Thanks Gemma but my date format is different and that's not working. I don't know regular expressions but I've played around and can't get anything to work (running tests just returns the input value). I think I need to remove the timestamp and reformat the date but also I suspect the fact that the day is only 1 char if less than 9 will also need to be handled, not sure. 

Thanks again for your input though!

This is what I use:


Values to match on:

First line: (?<=[0-9]{4}).*

Second line: (?<=2010).*

Third line: (?<=2011).*

Hope this works for you.


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