Omatic Cloud Updates - April 29, 2020

Data Queue

  • Fixed the following display issues:
    • Cards would rearrange themselves on the All Formulas tab when adding a formula to an additional tab
    • The Formula card would not display the Incoming Data progress if it was triggered by clicking Run Once 
    • The Formula card displayed an inflated number when sending records from Needs Attention

Formula Wizard

  • Omatic Cloud will now test the connection to your data sources before editing a formula.  This improves security by not displaying Connection details in the wizard itself.
  • Improved backwards navigation through wizard to ensure you can get to all of the screens you need to
  • Added ability to Cancel (exit without saving changes) from the Matching settings screen
  • Fixed issue where Date Formatting options were not applying consistently
  • Fixed issue where the Apply Edits confirmation screen would display "Time of data collection" as a change even when no changes were made to the schedule
  • Fixed an issue where 'Save for later' was not saving properly

Formula Management

  • Formulas triggered by clicking Run Once will now also automatically send Ready records, if enabled in the formula

Data Grids

  • Added the ability to update the Summary Fields to display from within your Ready records data grid

Platform Technology

  • Improved processing speeds


  • Fixed issue where the Salesforce connection was always attempting to connect to Production, even when selecting the Sandbox option
  • Fixed issue where some users were unable to finish establishing a connection to Salesforce

Blackbaud Enterprise CRM

  • Added the ability to track basic email activity from Luminate Online to BBCRM, using a custom data form
  • Fixed an issue where a constituent's primary email address, address, and phone number could be set to primary if indicated from Luminate Online
  • Added the option to use 'Do not email' flag as a solicit code


  • Fixed issue where having a blank Member ID on a transaction would trigger exceptions

Luminate Online

  • Fixed issue where new formulas were not matching properly against Luminate Online data


  • Fixed issue where Field Mapping would not save all tags you had configured