ImportOmatic is ready for download!

Version 12, 2020

Not available in Blackbaud Hosting yet.

Check out the list of improvements below, or visit the Release Notes section of the ImportOmatic User Guide for more details! When you're ready to install the update, head over to our Downloads page. Our User Guide provides instructions on how to update, and our Support team is available for help too!

If you’re using RE or RE NXT in the Blackbaud Hosting environments, this update has not yet been deployed. We are working with Blackbaud and we will post an update when it is available.

If you’re using an Omatic Cloud Connector, this update does not require a profile refresh.


Fixed issue with the exception "Item has already been added. Key in dictionary: '1' Key being added: '1" when importing multiple joint members

Fixed issue where leading zeros were dropped when mapping to the SSN/SSI field

Fixed issue where virtual fields were not remapped correctly when refreshing a profile

Omatic Cloud Connectors

Fixed issue where filter options on Omatic Cloud Connector settings screen did not populate or were missing

Fixed issue where the number of records imported was incorrect for Omatic Cloud Connector profiles that were run in sequence without closing the import screen

Fixed issue where exception files used a null character instead of a comma as the delimiter

Fixed issue where Save did not respond when refreshing an Omatic Cloud Connector profile

List Management

Fixed issue where standard import screen displayed rather than List Management import screen when importing records

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