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RegEX to add $ before a set of numbers?

Hi all! 

I have a file that's importing a various gift amounts formatted like 100.00 into a gift attribute. Is there a Regular Expression I could use to put a $ sign before that so it comes in the attribute description as $100.00?

They're formatted as $100.00 in the Excel but for some reason when I test the code that dollar sign doesn't come through.

This could be more to do with the Attribute field in Raiser's Edge rather than the import value. How is your gift attribute set up: as a number or currency for the data type? If it's number, then changing it to currency could fix it. 

You can create a dictionary to add a prefix of $ to the incoming numbers

I've used this a lot to add prefixes, but I've never tried it with a $--which could potentially cause issues because it's a RegEx symbol, but it would be worth a try.

Also agree with Victoria, that if your RE field is set as currency, the $ will be auto-displayed

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