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Conditionally add an admin fee to gift amount

I've been asked to find a way to enable a donor to choose to add an additional amount when processing their donation online to cover their credit card transaction fees. This would be a fixed percent, but the plugin we are using has the amount in a separate column, and if there are split gifts, that amount is the same on every row for the donation.  I'm looking for a way of processing this information without having to manually manipulate the csv file.  Simplified version of the csv is attached. Any ideas?

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Are you able to use API?  If so, you could add an if/then/else that adds the donation and covered fees together.

Without API, you could flag the lines where the donor covered the costs and manually adjust the donation amount before posting the batch. For example, you could have it say "Covered Fees: $2" in the Reference Field (or any other available field of a gift attribute). You'd import into a batch, look for rows that have something in that field, then add that $2 to the donation amount. Definitely not perfect, but it would work

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