Omatic Cloud Updates - June 10, 2020


  • Updated Data Source settings screens to give you the option to include all entities (including future) or select from existing.  Click here to learn more.
  • Formulas now require at least one field to be mapped before proceeding to other settings

Data Grids

  • Fixed issue where the data grid did not refresh properly after deleting 1:Many matches


  • Added ability to send Luminate Online Email Activity data to Salesforce  
  • Reduced number of calls needed to update Contacts and Opportunities to minimize usage of your daily Salesforce API limits
  • Updated sending Contacts and Opportunities to use "all or nothing" method; if any part of the data set cannot be updated, the entire row of data is treated as an exception, and no updates will be saved in Salesforce.
  • Removed duplicate Flat File formula types to prevent confusion
  • Fixed issue where default fields in mapping would not display if they contained a space
  • Fixed issue where you lost the ability to promote formulas from Sandbox to Production after resetting your API connection with Salesforce


  • Fixed issue where audience list would not load when adding additional Mailchimp data sources

Luminate Online

  • Updated data source connection options to allow you to select all current and future Centers. To use this new setting, you will need to reset your connection to Luminate Online.
  • Added ability to prevent duplicate offline transactions in Luminate Online by adding a custom field in donation forms


  • Fixed issue where raw_goal field values containing decimals caused exceptions